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> Packing machine for canned food
> Seaming machine

Tuna packing machine
Optical Sorter
Processing line for Confectionery
> hard candy
> soft candy
> chewing gum
Filling line for drinks and sauce products
Packaging for food products
> Laminated, aseptic bags
> Bags in drum
> Steel drum
> Aluminium club can & Dingley can
Food Contact Materials
The right materials secure sustainability of products especially in the Food and Beverage industry. Tanamac supplies you the finest
innovation so as to help you enhance the ability to compete locally and globally
Safety & Hygiene
Many food and beverage consumers have extensively converged to "healthy" commodities. With Tanamac, we ensure you end product is of high standard and contains no hazard to consumers' health
Eco Friendly
Our company has always emphasized on the effect of industrial production on the environment. Tanamac introduces a range of eco friendly packaging materials which are not only recyclable but also of value to your brand image

" Together we build
a sustainable business "